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Q: Do you offer gluten free, sugar free and diabetic baskets?
A: Yes , we design and build our baskets to meet everyone’s need.
Q: I have family members  in Europe, do you ship to European countries?
A: Yes, in addition to shipping  all over  the U.S and Canada we ship internationally.  Of course,  the cost is significantly higher for international shipping.
Q: Our family belongs to a wine club, do you include alcoholic beverages in your gift baskets?
A: Yes, Colorado law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages without a license.  However, if you provide the beverage to us, we will include it in your gift basket.
Q: My husband’s company does four large conventions a year, do you design anything like table center pieces?  Also, can you handle a large company order of 80-100 gift baskets?
A: Yes, we provide beautiful and effective centerpieces  for all seasons and all reasons with your budget in mind. We are very experienced in delivering  large corporate gift orders.
Q: Will you include our company promotional items in your gifts baskets?
A: Yes, we welcome your company promotional items for inclusion in your corporate gift orders. We recommend a consultation to review your items and how best to present them in your gifts.
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